Dénes Deák (the collector and the mecenas)

About the collector

Dénes Deák (May 7, 1931 - August 23, 1993)
art collector, patron of art, librarian was born as Dénes Deutsch in 1931 in Budapest. He was the second child of a rich, upper middle class Jewish family.
He started to collect artworks in the 1960's, at that time he bought etchings. His first important acquisition was three paintings by József Egry. In 1975 he lost his job, and from then on, he entirely turned himself towards art collecting. In the beginning of the 1980's he was looking for an appropriate place for his collection. In 1986 he donated a small part, about 80 works of art to the city of Székesfehérvár, the material was shown in Pelican House (Kossuth Str. 15).

The collection was relocated to its present home in 1988, and gained its present form in 1994.

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